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This Is What A Women Wants In A Perfect Man

Date: 2018-09-02 14:35:45

By Antriksha

Haven't we all imagined the type of guy we would want in our life complete with all the cliched Bollywood imaginations? We all want a perfect guy for ourselves that not only adds a certain charm to our dull, boring life but also has all his sensibilities intact. Guys seems to be oblivious when it comes to the things they are expected to do when it comes to the opposite sex. They tend to mess up quite a lot and this leads to all kinds of confusion.


Basically, all it takes is a little bit of interest and long eye contacts to make a connection but sometimes it also takes a long chat about nothing in particular to find that one click that you were looking for. When looking for a perfect man the connection, the understanding and the sense of fulfilment needs to be there but then everyone has their own kind of "imagined" guy they would in their sense of word consider perfect.



Perfect man for me would be someone who is not brash neither he is loud or obnoxious. He is calm, concentrated, ambitious and also polite. It's a big No when guys don't shut up about themselves and try to hog all the verbal space that you both share. Muscles and all are nice but the fact that you tend to also deviate towards pseudo-macho personality that leaves no space for listening to even contrasting opinion is such a huge turn off. Most importantly we girls, contrary to popular beliefs don't like to be treated like some kind of a possession that has to follow your every whims and notions. Yes, media does make it looks cute and something that everyone should want when your boyfriend doesn't allow you to do stuff, go to places, wear certain kinds of clothes or even decides who you should talk to and who you should not talk to but then in reality it kind of gets oppressive and after one point of time even the romance is off your story.


In the long term, girls don't want such guys but want those who understand them despite all other problems they might be facing. Apart from all this, we all are brought up under the constant shadow of Bollywood's whole concept of romance which is exaggerated at its best. But seriously, if you are Aman from kal ho nah ho, any girl can make an exception for you. Yes, we would love it if you sing pretty woman in slow motion to us while our hair floats around us. As a brown women, it is even more disappointing that your dupatta hasn't yet stuck to any man's kurta button. Leave even that, the fact that you have fell on your face rather in a handsome hunks arm is more alarming. Despite all these very serious problems that have removed our faith from the cliched romance stories we still deep inside our heart want all that.


So, guys take note and remember that we have really high expectations when it comes to romance but also we don't want over the top things that are quite irrational. We tend to put more faith in small gestures and acts rather than on display of crude male strength. We also like it if you can hold on a long debate with us and provide us with accurate analysis on various subjects. It also makes us happy if you surprise us with food from time to time. Perfect man in true sense is the one who knows how to treat his lady right.


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