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10 Short Girl Problems That You Will Relate To

Date: 2019-08-30 17:01:24

By Manveen

Short girls, you would have heard a lot of people talking about real problems and stating that the struggle is real, but you would not know what true struggle is because you are not only a short girl. Short boys face this too, but let's just come back to short girls because of the chances of a short girl reading this and relating are much higher than a short boy, so yeah we know our audience well.

Here are some 10 short points of short girl problems:

1. The dreams that never came true.

When other girls in your class were writing model/ air hostess in the future profession of slam books you understand what it was like to live without hope. You gave up on the whole idea of the glamour world or anything that required you to be tall. The Basketball team selection was the most heartbreaking event of your young self.


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2. Did you stand in a line in the canteen and have a tall person order first because of their higher visible personality?

When you were standing in a line in school canteen or any takeaway place and just before it is your turn some really long legged being came and gave money above your head and the order before you did? Real pain friends, real pain!


3. Cute is your defense mechanism.

Almost as if it were your alter ego, the cuteness was synonymous to your entire life. Every little thing you did and somebody would tell you how cute that was. Tried reaching for something on a higher shelf, oh so cute... Sneezed? Oh so cute! Living the life of a short person? Oh so cute.


4. When children half your age grow taller than you.

What is worse than having siblings or cousins much younger than you are outgrowing you! Over the years as they grow, they keep on coming and measuring their height against yours. First of all, low benchmarks shawty!


5. You are constantly looking up to people.

Quite literally, your entire life you are looking up to people. When you are having a conversation with somebody and you look up and they look down, oh almost romantic but so inappropriate. What have we done to deserve this short person life?


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6. Oh, lord the short person memes!

There is no chance you could have survived high school without people giving you nicknames such as "smally", "1.5 foot", "chhoti" and etc. We would like to tell these people that firstly, they are not creative enough, these never are cliche enough and second, we would like to ask God, why god? Why?


7. Little holiday weight is not little for you.

When tall people gain weight barely anybody notices it, but when a short person does, it is public knowledge. Every kilogram looks like 5kgs on you.


8. When people expect you to wear heels all the time.

When you walk into the footwear section and are expected to be in search of heels? No thank you! I have come to terms with this thing called a short person's life.



9. Tube dress or long skirt?

Short girl problems also include long skirt. How? Because for short people, the long skirt is not really a long skirt but a tube dress.


10. Will someone marry me?

First of all, yes of course, dear!

Now coming to the problem, for girls it is a big problem because this is what they have heard from people around (which is truly a myth), and in all this pressure they wish to have a love marriage, which is also good.


Chill girl, you got your height short, but not your dreams! Chase them.

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