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Yes, I Wear Short Clothes, Doesn't Mean I Am 'Inviting' Anyone To Check Me Out.

Date: 2019-05-04 13:51:26

By TabloidXO Writers

Chote Uske Kapde Nahi, Choti Tumhari Soch Hai...

It's the 21st Century and it is difficult to survive in a country resisting change and growth. You cannot expect, what could go when to girls, especially with "People's so called judgments."

Though women all around the world are subjected to sexism for various reasons, including what they choose to wear, the problem is prevalent in our country on an alarming level. Even at some home, girls are pointed for wearing clothes which are not long enough, "according to them."


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"Gharwalo Ki Naak Katwaegi Ye Ladki."

At times it seems funny, but most of the time it is tiring, it drains the energy to be lining in this age ad after all the debates and reasoning a large part of the population still attaches clothing to something as different as consent.

And also, how can we forget, "The Sanskaars, Which The So Called Society Have Made On Us Girls,"

The thoughts are ancient, they're disturbing, and they make the daily life of a woman so much more difficult. Even when one decides to be fearless and stand by their right to choose their clothing the ugly thought of "Is My Dress Too Small?", "Is My Skin Showing A Little Too Much?" seeps into the mind of a woman after getting a monstrous look or two on the street.


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Bros, we are not inviting you for anything, and neither, we want to impress you with our legs or bra strap. It is our choice, we feel good in it, and we feel proud of whatever dress we wore, even if it is a short dress, "Humein Tumhari Gandi Nazarein Nahi Chahiye."

Our culture has gone as far as woman calling out to younger girls claiming that such girls invite rape. The culture doesn't seem like it is changing either when our politicians, who are supposed to represent the people pass out remark like a girl would obviously be raped if she wears western clothing.


I don't understand, why do we girls have to control ourselves? Because of chote kapde? Are our legs too visible? Then why do guys are not asked to control their thing inside the pants? why do we girls have to go through such things?

Why not convince men for controlling themselves?

Answer me!



The statement from women is clear, choosing to express oneself through whatever means of clothing may it be a saree or a dress, doesn't in any way mean that she is in any way "asking" for anything.

It is a free society, men and woman are allowed to comfortably be allowed to dress as they like. The stigma needs to be put a complete stop to, women today are in the forefront leading all kinds of escapades. Women are no one's property and neither are their bodies.


And now to finish it up,

To my beautiful girls out there, dress yourself in whichever way you feel good about, gone are the days where women have to go out in 'Ghoonghat' with the pressure of Sanskaars, Izat and what not. It's time to put the entire load on them, and you walk like a queen.



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