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'Tu Tha Toh Chu**ya Hi.' A Message To My Best Friend's Ex-Boyfriend.

Date: 2020-03-03 13:42:56

By Manveen

To My Friend's Ex-Boyfriend (who thinks he is above the world), I have a message for her Ex-boyfriend:

"Tu tha toh chu*#!a hi"

alia bhatt gullyboy

If after Nazi's there is a group of people that is hated by everybody, it is the hypothetical group of all the exes collected. No, it does not exist (but yes exes should be considered an independent community now).

As how a mother can never bring herself to hate her child, you can never truly hate your ex. A child might be plain pathetic but that is the mother's own mistake. Similarly, your ex might be sick and plain annoying to their core, but they are your mistake too.

message to ex boyfriend


But there is one person who will always hate your ex more than you do. Your best friend!

If they do not, then you are surrounded by fake snakes. You have all snakes, no ladders. You were sad after your breakup, but your best friend curses your ex to such an extent that he never tried to be closer to you ever.
The most challenging part of your best friend's relationship is when you can see what an epic waste of time their boyfriend is. Waste of time, waste of effort, waste of life, and waste of the earth.

message to ex boyfriend

When you can see it, but your best friend cannot because they are so blinded by their hypothetical happily ever after. You might not like their ways and methods but put up with it anyway.

But the day your friend breaks up, you seize the day. You carpe diem. You use the opportunity to tell your friend every opinion you have held back till now. He sucked, he was disgusting. He would pronounce Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) wrong, he makes noise while chewing. You have a memo engraved in your head and without wasting a breath, you blurt it all out.

message to ex boyfriend

Every time you saw him you wanted to tell him that low waists are out of trend. His selfies make you want to puke and knowing some things about a sim card and Wi-Fi and stuff does not make you a genius. Even a local electrician does that. And guess what? He does not even strut about it.

message to ex boyfriend

Down the line you know your best friend is too good for him and that he stands no chance in front of her. So whatever little dignity he had left (if he had earlier, we doubt sometimes!) If he thinks he can get a better one then the only thing we recommend him is not a girl, rather a therapist first who can handle his sick mind.

In the end, to my best friend who has always held me all through my thick and thin, "Ab Banda agli soch samjh ke banaiyo."

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