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B/cos Of These 10 Reasons I Hate Playing Holi. No, The Reason Is Not The 'Pakka Colour'.

Date: 2020-03-06 13:34:47

By Manveen

"Bura na maano holi hai!"

These are just a paltry group of words which does the half part of "Why I hate Holi". These 5 words have given the power to creeps who do not have respect for anyone, I don't understand,

"Kahaan se aate hai yeh log? (From where do they come from?)"

Holy is almost here and some people are just, holy shit so annoying! You guess every human on this planet who knows about the holi festival wait for this day to come? It may be the majority of the bunch, but there are few who feel Holi is annoying/irritating.

Here are 10 Things I hate about Holi (no offense to pakka colour):

1.) Holi was originally supposed to be played with organic colours.

Holi was a decent festival celebrated with fun, flowers, and food. Let us keep it till that? Why do you want to buy bad colours? Useless but just use organic colours. Nobody should have to suffer skin diseases because of your idiocy.


2.) Eggs/ Paints/ Ujala/ Mud.

In a country, so divided with culture and diversity we have still not learned to be respectful towards each other. Take Delhi program 2020 for example, but there are people who are vegetarian as well. Not to shame non-vegetarians, but if somebody is simply not okay with something, you have no right to do it. Period!



3.) Annoying group of over-friendly people.

If you are a stranger to somebody just says Happy Holi to them and be done with it. Why do you guys go out in a big group walking in a herd from one colony to another and throwing colours on random people?


4.) Water wastage.

Do you see the global crisis? Have you forgotten that video from a village in Chennai where people were standing in lines stretching out to a kilometer to just get water? Forests are burning, people are starving, stop wasting resources. Just because you have it right now does not guarantee that you will have it tomorrow.

Source: Save water on Holi.

5.) Water balloons.

First of all, water balloons hurt. And they hurt a lot!
Secondly, do you actually enjoy going out, buying balloons, filling water in them and throwing them at somebody? What are you? A psycho or a sadist?


6.) Water balloons two weeks before.

The whole concept of water balloons is just plain dumb. Who invented that? Which scared books prescribed this activity of complete abhorrence? Nobody likes it. Stop throwing balloons, people can get hurt bad and they have places to be as well.


7.) The filth on the roads.

On the one hand, we run campaigns for Swachch Bharat Abhiyan but on the other hand, we do not mind littering our roads and turning them into a complete vista of sheer filth.


8.) Being an introvert.

If you are an introvert, social events do not make you happy anyway. But one that involves hugging random people, playing with them with colours and throwing water and having to engage in an activity that involves physical pursuit, oh the sorrow!


9.) Pretending to be drunk.

Fake drunk people are annoying everywhere but on Holi, everybody just wants to be so fake drunk, the annoyance is palpable. People just get high pretending that they had bhang.


10.) Holi party and expensive phone.

Well, more than annoying this sounds scary. Imagine investing in an expensive phone, then going to a Holi party and god forbids anybody throws water on you and by chance it reaches your phone. Shortest horror story ever!


A wish is all we need, so, Happy Holi.

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