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12 Things We Do Which Annoy Our Mothers.

Date: 2019-06-25 20:04:24

By Mansha

No one can be more annoyed by us then our own mothers, every morning we tend to listen to their screams over our pity to extra large mistakes but still, "Hum kaha sudherne wale hai". There are many things which make our lovely mothers maddens on us, yet they are somehow used to all of those things happening repeatedly in her house or our lives.

There is an endless list of things which every mother hates when their children repeat those things in his or her everyday life. Today I have come with a few of the things that our mothers want us to withdraw...

"Leaving dirty or smelly shoes in her room":

I am pretty much sure that every child loves to enter into their parent's room the moment they enter the house and the first thing they do is, taking off their shoes in her room. She hates it, she screams at you, but we won't listen.


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"Not eating a green vegetable as much she wants":

She wants us to live on "Ghar ka khana" but being a kid we won't let that happen. We love to order food from outside and she screams at us because we have wasted her homemade food, which she has kept for the next day now.


Getting up late in the morning and going to bed late:

She wants us to go to bed early and wake up early (by early she means, really early morning which we still count as night). Every morning, our day starts with her shouting and screaming, saying "hum jaanwar se bhi batar hai".


Too much of "friends":

For her, our friends are our bad influence. No matter what happens in our life, she loves to put all the blame on our friends, saying, "buri sangat ka asar hai". Basically, she wants us to be friendless.


For girls, we can't cook like her:

She gets hell annoyed when we say, "we don't want to be in the kitchen" because she wants us to be a little master chef. She wants us to be a great cook for our future family, but we ignore her and this makes her shout on us saying, "sasuraal mein meri naak katwaegi".


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Not managing your wardrobe:

She is always annoyed because of your not so good habit of managing your own wardrobe. She only has to keep your clothes in your almirah and clean them up time-to-time, which forces her to say, "kab sikhoge, aise apni khud hi family samhaloge".


Not listening to his lectures about life:

She loves to give you a lecture about how difficult life is and how we have to work on it to make it better and when we just listen to them (which she expects) but we don't respond, she gets irritated and says, "respect hai meri?"


When we don't listen to her about getting married:

Every mother wants to see her children married and settled because that is the only dream of every mother India because of which she starts forcing us to get married but when we respond by saying "no", she gets annoyed about the fact that "why we don't want to give her this happiness of getting a bahu or damaad".



Unhygienic habits:

According to every mother, her kid is the most filthy creatures because we don't listen to her when she says, "take a shower early morning" or anything which is okay according to us.


Being too lazy:

She gets hell annoyed when she sees us lying on the bed all the time, especially when we are at home. She expects us to be "Milkha Singh" all the time, but we like to be lazy af...


Not attending guests in a way she wants:

She wants us to be a great host to all the guests by asking for food or drinks all the time and also feeding them from our own hands but we can't overdo it. We believe in "feel at home and help yourself".


When she says, "I want grandchildren":

This one is epic and used by all the mothers of India where she doesn't want you to get married because of your happiness but only for grandchildren. When she says, "mujhe dadi banade" and she gets annoyed when you completely ignore her by saying, "abhi toh main khud bacha hoon".

What things make your mothers mad at you? If we have missed anything, let us know and if you agree, then share, like and comment...


To all the mothers:


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