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Bizarre Things People Are Doing To Fight Coronavirus, Ab Tum Mat Coro-na .

Date: 2020-03-27 14:11:19

By Ratika

We Indians have brilliant brains; we know how to develop something out of nothing. And maybe that's that reason we were growing at a face pace, until yesterday. The world has been hit by an immense slowdown due to bloody coronavirus. Until now, the world has no vaccine to cure this disease but some of "self-acclaimed scientist" (who are not scientist, of course) in India thinks that by doing certain things we can fight the disease,

Ha bc, halwa hain na!

Some are singing bhajans, while some are busy drinking Gaumutra shots, well, yes these are things which are being practiced in India by some Indians because "hum hum hai Bhai."

bizarre things indians do

Check out the full list of what bizarre things we Indians can do and what we are doing to fight corona:

1. Listening to Bhajans.

Indeed, it's a good thing. But only listening to Bhajans is definitely not going to prevent you from the virus.

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2. Bathing in the cow dung.

Oh yes, it will help you, just to maintain isolation because nobody would like to come even closer to you for 1 meter. The choice is yours.

acting schools in mumbai

3. Illiterate and self-acclaimed godman/godwomen:

Calling yourself a god and gathering the crowd will not save you, but will increase the chances of you getting infected with the virus, you morons.

4. Criticizing the celebrities who are doing a bit for the nation:

Whether bullying Akshay Kumar, or business tycoons for not coming forward in these bad times. What if they had done it already, but never disclosed it publicly?

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5. Turmeric milk is not the cure, but your foolish self-satisfaction.

I learned one thing in my life; half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Ap samjhdaar ho, you know what to do with these misfortune times, and if you still struggling to know what you need to do, I am screaming to you for the last time, "STAY AT YOUR HOME."

6. Roaming in the streets, road or parks.

This isn't the way to fight with the virus, dude, you are risking you and your family's life. Do you really think your actions are gonna destroy the virus? I don't know about the virus, but the virus can destroy you for sure. Think again before stepping out.

acting schools in mumbai

7. Taali, thaali?

I know you participated in the 5 PM #JantaCurfew but it wasn't to eradicate the virus but to appreciate the doctors who are doing endless efforts to safeguard us. So stop being an AndhBhakt, love yourself, and stay home until further notice.


8. Gaumutra shots aka. Drinking cow urine.

Kaha se aate hain yeh log? Faith is good but blind faith is bad. Did any doctor told these people? Or has anyone got cured from taking these shots?

9. Corona Bhajans.

Narendra Chanchal sang a song on coronavirus, following him many others started the trend in the kirtan. Excuse me, did I tell you, there were almost 50 of them and all of them had chances to get contracted with the virus?

From where do such people come from? Kuch to bhagwaan ka khauf karo, nahi to corona ka hi karlo.


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